RapidSketch 2.5

RapidSketch is a great tool for creating various sketches
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Utilant, L.L.C.

RapidSketch contains a wide range of really great tools that help to create various sketches quickly and easily. No matter what you want to design - you work office or the living room - you will find this application really useful.

The program has a nice-looking interface that is similar to Microsoft Office theme. Major part of the program main window represents the working area. Using various tools you can add objects of any type to this area to create the design plan. RapidSketch supports metric (meters) and standard (decimal or feet & inches) measurement systems, just choose the one you need. The program includes a wide range of patterns for designing furnished accommodation. All objects on your sketch can be provided with text labels. If you are going to deal with more than one sketch then you'll find the possibility to copy/paste objects from one sketch to another very helpful. RapidSketch shows immediately the length or the area of any object you place in your sketch. The program contains a great help file with all the required information about it. RapidSketch is shareware, but you can download its free trial version with time limitation.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Really effective tool


  • High price
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